Darla Has Some Treats

I was perusing the Darla website on this fine Saturday morning, and saw a couple of notable releases in their catalog.

Jonas Munk (aka Manual) continues his feverish rate of productivity (seriously, this will be, like, his 4th album in 2 years) with Azure Vista. It comes out on May 3, and Munk describes it as [constituting] the core of the Manual sound. Click here for an MP3 clip.

Fans of Trembling Blue Stars and The Field Mice might want to check out LTM’s reissue of Alaska + Love Song for the Dead Che. Click here for an MP3 clip.

And finally, Piano Magic have a new album coming out on Darla entitled Disaffected. Admittedly, I haven’t been too impressed with the Piano Magic camp as of late — The Troubled Sleep Of… and Speed The Road, Rush The Lights were both rather underwhelming, as was Glen Johnson’s solo work under the Textile Ranch moniker — but chances are, I’ll be picking this up anyways because I still find the project so fascinating.

And besides, as we head into these summer months, I’ll need something to keep the days from getting too bright and cheery — and that’s Piano Magic’s stock-in-trade. Oh, and John Grant (The Czars) is a guest vocalist. Click here to for an MP3 clip.