Cut Copy’s Dream

I was listening to mix CD that Aaron Coleman had given me last year, of some of his favorite tracks from 2004. One of the songs on there was “A Dream” from Australian electro group Cut Copy’s Bright Like Neon Love. Listening to it on my way home, it struck me as just the perfect song to begin ushering in the warmer temperatures we’ve been having in Lincoln lately (73° tomorrow baby)! Altogether, it reminds me of a warmer, friendlier Daft Punk, from the club-stomping disco rhythms to the way the synths sound as if they’re carved from pure 1970s-vintage chrome to the wistful, vocoder-caressed vocals.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a (legal) MP3 download of the song, but you can listen to a short preview courtesy of Ordering info can be found on Modular Records’ website. Or you can read Almost Cool’s review of Bright Like Neon Love.

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