Crystal Skulls

While trying to dig up some more info on David Bazan’s new band, The Headphones (see this Pitchfork article), I found this little tidbit on the Suicide Squeeze website — Crystal Skulls debut album will be coming out March 22. And just who or what is Crystal Skulls? It’s Christian Wargo’s new band. And just who is Christian Wargo? Well, he used to be the frontman for the woefully under-appreciated Scientific.

The new Crystal Skulls album will be titled Blocked Numbers. You can find out more information on the band’s official website, including a couple of MP3s in the ​“Album” section. Not surprisingly, there are some similarities to Scientific, though the Crystal Skulls material does feel a bit smoother and more polished, with less analog synth-noodling and more of a focus on the guitars.