Crooked River: A Sufjan Stevens Documentary

Why am I just now finding out about this movie?
Sufjan Stevens

Alright Internets, explain yourself. How is it that I’m only just now finding out about Crooked River, a documentary by Kaleo La Belle that follows Sufjan Stevens and his brother Marzuki as they travel back to their Michigan home to visit their estranged father?!

Crooked River was filmed back in 2006, but it still has no distribution or release date. It does, however, have a Facebook page that’s only been around for a very short time, as well as this clip on IMDb. Here’s a synopsis from the Facebook page:

In this emotionally gripping road movie, documentary filmmaker Kaleo La Belle accompanies his childhood friends Marzuki and Sufjan Stevens on a journey back to their home state of Michigan, revisiting blighted landscapes, distant family members and old wounds that never really heal.

Related: Kaleo La Belle has another documentary entitled Beyond This Place which chronicles his own attempts to reunite with an estranged father. Sufjan contributed music to the film, which was released earlier this year and is currently garnering acclaim on the film festival circuit.

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