Corona Coming Attractions

When I first discovered that the World Wide Web could help my burgeoning film habit, one of the sites that quickly became invaluable to me was Corona Coming Attractions. While they focused primarily on Hollywood films — I followed their coverage of the Lord of the Rings and Matrix films with a quasi-slavish devotion — they also provided news and rumors about a number of smaller films that were on noone else’s radar. In 2004, the site was absorbed by Cinescape when CA founder Patrick Sauriol became their news editor, but it just wasn’t the same.

Somehow, though, I completely missed that CA had relaunched on its own back in December of 2008. It’s great to have the site back, though I’m disappointed to see that Zeppelin appears to be a dead in the water as a film. (Instead, it may be coming out as a graphic novel.)

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