Cornerstone 2007 (Redux)

Alright, I’ve wrapped up all of my Cornerstone 2007 coverage. I think I covered about everything, though I’m sure I’ve left out a few details here and there. I’ll update as those come to mind, but it’s essentially done.

I’ve also posted a bunch of Cornerstone 2007 photos to Flickr. Ironically, given that I only went to a handful of concerts this year, all of my Cornerstone photos are of bands.

If you want to see other photos of the fest, be sure to check out my wife’s set. Among other things, you’ll find some photographic proof that I really was an honest-to-God speaker this year.

Now that that’s all done, maybe I can get caught up on all of the things I missed while I was away. What’s this I hear about Apple releasing a cellphone?