Cornerstone 2003: Liz’s Diary, July 1

Today’s concerts included The Blamed, Mae, and MewithoutYou.

Tooth & Nail day is now a mainstay of the festival I suppose. There’s usually only one or two bands I want to see on this day of the festival. In the morning, I took the Newfies for a long walk around the grounds… they were pretty overwhelmed, to say the least. Not much of significance happened during the day Tuesday, mostly just a lot of sitting around the campsite until the stuff we wanted to see started.

The Blamed — I don’t own a single Blamed album, but for whatever reason, I always see them at Cornerstone. I don’t even know if I like their music or not, but I think they put on a fun show, so I went.

Mae — I guess if I had a T&N guilty pleasure band, this one is it. A friend of mine put some of their songs on a CD for me, and I kind of took a liking to it. I’m basically the worst person ever at describing music. So, I’ll just say that the vocals are really melodic and soft, and they use a lot of keyboard stuff, and it’s just generally catchy pop music I guess.

Joy Electric — I think they only played about four songs, due to the time limitations. However, they were awesome, and the infamous Juan, along with Orlando from Havalina Rail Co., danced on stage during the set. Juan was dressed up in some shiny red thing, throwing out candy and large pixie stix, and Orlando did crazy robotic dance stuff.

MewithoutYou — I’d never seen them before, or heard them before, but Melissa is good friends with them, and had told me about them as people as well as their music, so it made me really interested in seeing them. They put on a very unique show. Aaron, the lead singer is one of the most intriguing and passionate people I’ve seen on stage. They brought tons of flowers with them, tied them around the mic stands, as well as threw a lot of them out into the crowd.

After that, some of us went over to the food court area for awhile to just chill out, when some people, including Michael Pritzl of the Violet Burning, stopped to do “random alcohol checks.” It was of course, all in good fun, and nobody was actually doing any alcohol checks. So we chatted with those guys for awhile. Back to the campsite for some sleep…

I decided that night I’d be sleeping in my car for the remainder of the week where the dampness of the air wouldn’t get in. It was a good decision, as I was able to sleep in until at least 9 a.m. every day for the rest of the week, which is basically unheard of for me at Cornerstone.

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