Cornerstone 2003: In Closing

Things that are a little more difficult to write about are the great conversations I had with the people I camped with, the feelings I experienced while seeing some of the bands, etc. Jason is a much better Cornerstone commentator than I am, that’s for sure. But I’m new at this I suppose.

This was one of my favorite years at Cornerstone mostly because of the people I camped with. I really feel like God brought us all together to camp together because there was definitely a certain dynamic to the group. I think the shows that stood out to me the most were Unwed Sailor, Danielson Famile, Over The Rhine, and Anathallo, just for the spiritual side of things. I’m honestly not sure what else to say.

This was my 6th Cornerstone Festival, and every year I’m realizing more and more that Cornerstone is less and less about the music, and more and more about the overall experience, heat included. So, how about a “shout-out” to the people I camped with, and some of the other people I met.

To my fellow-campers, Melissa, Kevin, Mark & Anji, Shane, Charisse, Jaime, Nick, Danny, and Kirk, you guys are the best. Thanks for making this one of my best Cornerstone Festivals. Thanks to “Dude,” “hair guy,” Jeff (shirtless fat guy), and “make-out couple,” for supplying us with lots of material for jokes. Thanks to Peter from Detroit for the hamburgers, the company, and for introducing me to Anathallo. Thanks to Michael J. Pritzl for the dialogue, and for the free CD. Thanks to the Massage-for-Donation lady for making Kevin squirm more than I’ve seen anyone squirm in a long time.

And finally, thanks to Jason Morehead. Thanks, Jason. =)

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