Cornerstone 1998: Jason’s Diary, June 30

We had set out for Cornerstone a few days earlier, in order to get a good campsite. We got a great one. However, leaving so early meant that we’d have to spend another day doing nothing waiting for festival to start.

That day was June 30th. All in all, not a lot happened this day. Well, let me modify that statement. What did happen was pretty darn exciting.

Most of the day was spent taking care of sundry little things before the festival proper started. We headed into town to get a few additional things at the grocery store, went to Dairy Queen for a nutritious brunch (why does every small town have a Dairy Queen and a Hardees?!?), and bought a few chairs at the garage sale.

We came back to the farm and hung out for a little while. Since we had nothing else to do, we went back into town. This was where the excitement happened. First of all, let me set up the scenario. The car we took into town was the rented convertible, with room for 5 people. However, there were 6 of us. That meant that one of us had to sit on someone’s lap. This person just happened to be Brent, who just happened to be sitting up front between the driver (Shawn) and passenger (Sarah).

Well, to make a long story short, we got pulled over by Johnny Law. Seems that we were violating Illinois’ seatbelt law, or something like that. Since Brent was up front, he wasn’t buckled in, hence the problem. We didn’t get a ticket, but Brent did get a good talking to from the officer. As it turned out, it was perfectly fine for there to be 4 of us in the back of the convertible, not buckled in and sprawled all over eachother’s laps.

Anyways, we ate at the ​“Highway Family Diner,” a truckstop if I ever saw one.

We got back to the farm, where I proceeded on over to the Asylum, which was finally starting to fill up with people. I got to see Don Hill and Scott Hatch again, and met a couple of new people.

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