Consider the Birds

Wovenhand's David Eugene Edwards

I’ve been a big fan of David Eugene Edwards’ musical vision (there’s really no other word to describe it) ever since a co-worker first let me hear “American Wheeze” off of Sixteen Horsepower’s Sackcloth N’ Ashes. As much as I like Edwards’ work as Sixteen Horsepower, though, I think I prefer the more experimental, atmospheric side he displays in Woven Hand. And his latest album, Consider the Birds, is a simply stunning piece of work, blending Edwards’ haunted voice, otherworldly instrumentation, and cryptic lyrics packed with Biblical imagery.

Splendid just posted a review of the album, and it’s overwhelmingly positive. And it probably contains on my fave review quotes in quite some time: “If you’re after standard-issue, G-rated Jesus-themed rock, stick with Jars of Clay. If Revelation is your idea of light bedtime reading, then meet your new favorite band.”

For more info on Edwards and Woven Hand, check out Sounds Familyre Music or the Woven Hand website. You can also download a track from Consider the Birds, entitled “Bleary-Eyed Dute”, from the Glitterhouse website.

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