Concert Review: Marianas (June 15, 2003, Lincoln, NE)

Each time I see Marianas is almost like seeing them for the first time, only better.

On Sunday night, I caught Marianas over at Duffy’s, and it was really good… as if I expected anything else. I’ve seen them three times so far, and each time there’s something new to hear. The boys love to tinker with their songs — changing up guitar parts, adding in a little industrial beat here, some new loop or sample there — so each time I see them is almost like seeing them for the first time, only better.

This time, they incorporated some video into the set, some nice abstract imagery (e.g., kaleidoscopes, shimmery light patterns, ink blobs) which went quite well with the music overall. It’s obvious they’re having fun, trying new things, and doing their darndest to make music that’s true to themselves… which might be the best thing about it all. I recorded the show for the boys, so I’ll try borrow the tape from them and post a clip sometime soon (see previous caveats).

I also had a great time shooting the musical shizzle with everyone. It’s always great to hear about new things, as well as spread some of the love that you’re listening to.

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