Coming soon: A two-disc collection of Factory Record’s “dancefloor-friendly” rarities

“FAC. DANCE” features mixes and rarities from Section 25, Durutti Column, New Order, and more.

When people think of Factory Records, it’s probably safe to say that they think of the label’s pioneering and influential post-punk aesthetic, e.g., Joy Division, New Order, Durutti Column. But as FAC. DANCE will reveal, the label also has a substantial dance music legacy.

FAC. DANCE is focussed on dancefloor-friendly 12″ mixes and rarities from the label’s early days, spanning skeletal, dubwise studio work from Martin Hannett and pioneering productions from New Order’s Bernard Sumner and A Certain Ratio’s Donald Johnson under their BeMusic and DoJo guises. There are contributions too from New York legends Arthur Baker and Mark Kamins, and a number of killer oddities – the schizoid funk of Blurt’s Puppeteer’, the jazz-funk of Kalima and Swamp Children, the reggae of X‑O-Dus’s See Them A’Come’ (produced by Dennis Bovell).

FAC. DANCE will be released by Strut on October 10 on 2xCD, 2xLP, and digital. Here’s the complete track listing:

CD 1

  1. Section 25 — “Looking From A Hilltop” (Megamix)
  2. A Certain Ratio — “Wild Party”
  3. Quando Quango — “Love Tempo”
  4. 52nd Street — “Express”
  5. Swamp Children — “Little Voices”
  6. Biting Tongues — “Boss Toyota Trouble”
  7. The Durutti Column — “For Belgian Friends” (Valuable Passages version)
  8. Royal Family & The Poor — “Art On 45”
  9. A Certain Ratio — “Knife Slits Water” (12-inch version)
  10. Section 25 — “Dirty Disco”
  11. Blurt — “Puppeteer”
  12. X‑O-Dus — “See Them-A-Come”

CD 2

  1. New Order — “Confusion” (Original 12″ mix)
  2. Shark Vegas — “Pretenders Of Love”
  3. 52nd Street — “Cool As Ice” (Jellybean Mix)
  4. Streetlife — “Act On Instinct” (Hot Swedish Mix)
  5. The Hood — “Salvation!” (Nitromix)
  6. Abecedarians — “Smiling Monarchs”
  7. Quando Quango — “Atom Rock” (Mark Kamins Mix)
  8. Marcel King — “Reach For Love” (New York Remix)
  9. 52nd Street — “Look Into My Eyes”
  10. Quando Quango — “Genius”
  11. Swamp Children — “You’ve Got Me Beat”
  12. The Durutti Column — “Madeleine”

Via Elastic Heart and Fact Magazine

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