Clone This

Just got back from watching Attack of the Clones and it was big, noisy, and flashy… and deeper and better than I expected (and not just because there was less Jar-Jar).

I loved the whole Jango/Boba Fett thing; it felt like depth was really added to a cool, yet fairly unknown character. Christopher Lee (Dooku) was as hardcore and sinister as ever. Ewan MacGregor was wicked cool. And yes, the Yoda fight was very cheer-worthy (it’s been a long time since I heard an audience clap in a theatre). Loved watching the little guy in action.

The romantic aspect made for the best comedy I’ve seen so far this year. And can we please keep the needless C-3PO/R2-D2 humor down to a minimum next time?

As a whole, Episode 2 felt like something significant happened, like an actual chapter in the series that sets the stage for what’s played out in the second trilogy. Those final scenes really set the stage for some gloomy events to come.

BTW, I can’t seem to get this Julianna Raye CD out of the stereo.