Church = Hot wives?!

There are many ways to promote your church (or church plant) to the surrounding community.

You can have big outreach events geared around a holiday, such as a Christmas or Easter pageant. You can have programs geared towards the neighborhood, such as after school programs or Vacation Bible School. You can sponsor social events, like a carnival or the classic fish fry. You can go door to door, handing out flyers, leaflets, etc.

Or, you can promise hot wives.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hoping to find a spouse at church (so long as that’s not your primary reason for attending). Indeed, the church is, in many ways, the ideal place for Christians to find a spouse. That was something I held to when I was single, and I know that’s the case for many others.

But there is something wrong with converting the church to a meat market/dating service, with using the prospect of a “hot” wife (or husband) — that is, if you assume “hot” to be a good basis for a marriage to begin with — as one of your church’s “selling” points.

Via Arts & Faith, where folks are discussing the video.