Christianity Today On Andrei Tarkovsky

As part of their “Filmmakers of Faith”, CT Movies offers up a look at the life and career of Andrei Tarkovsky:

Raised in the Russian Orthodox tradition, director Andrei Tarkovsky once told an interviewer, “I consider myself a person of faith, but I do not want to delve into the nuances and problems of my situation, for it is not so straightforward, not so simple, and not so unambiguous.”

The most revered Russian filmmaker since Sergei Eisenstein, Tarkovsky offers an unabashedly religious worldview, without which, he wrote, “people cease to feel any need for the beautiful or the spiritual, and consume films like bottles of Coca-Cola.”

Few filmmakers intrigue me as much as Andrei Tarkovsky. Tarkovsky is one of those filmmakers whose films and ideas on cinema I constantly find to be inspiring and enthralling, while at the same time, often frustrating and confusing — something I touch on in my review of The Sacrifice.

Thanks to Jeffrey for the link.

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