Christ and Pop Culture reviews The Faith of Barack Obama

Christ and Pop Culture reviews Stephen Mansfield’s The Faith of Barack Obama:

Barack’s story of faith isn’t typical of the American experience. For instance, if Barack ascends to the presidency he will be the first American president to do so having not been raised in a Christian home. Instead, he spent his early years under the influence of an atheist mother, a step-father’s folk Islam, praying at the feet of a Catholic Jesus, and influenced with a humanist’s understanding of the world that sees religion merely as a man-made thing.

In Barack’s adult life, his spiritual journey toward Christianity also defies pattern and refuses to fit in a clean theological box, although his coming to faith typifies the pattern and process that many Americans have journeyed. He came to faith not so much to join a religious tradition, but rather to find belonging among a people.

Also, the book’s conclusion is that Obama is not a secret Muslim, so can we please stop with the paranoid e‑mails?

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