The Choir Announce New Album Bloodshot, Tour Dates With The Prayer Chain

Choir frontman Derri Daugherty will also release a solo album this year.
The Choir

Earlier today, I wrote about the upcoming reissue of Dead Artist Syndrome’s Prints of Darkness, so it seems only fitting to write about another Christian alternative luminary: The Choir. Originally called Youth Choir when they formed in the early ’80s, The Choir have released a number of albums characterized by Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric guitars and Steve Hindalong’s thoughtful and poetic lyrics.

Or as J. Edward Keyes puts it in his review of 1990’s excellent Circle Slide:

What made The Choir so alluring is the fact that they mostly focused on Christianity’s mystical aspects: their songs are full of spirits and ghosts, and drummer and primary lyricist Hindalong had a way of making even common issues like love and grief feel like they were taking place inside The Neverending Story.

The Choir’s next album is titled Bloodshot, their first following 2014’s Shadow Weaver, and the band is hard at work at putting on the finishing touches. Bloodshot is set to be released in late May, and will follow the release of Derri Daugherty’s new solo album, The Color of Dreams (more info via the album’s Kickstarter campaign).

The Choir will also be playing a few tour dates, such as the 2018 Joshua Fest alongside Lecrae, Kevin Max, Sanctus Real, Remedy Drive, and Terry Scott Taylor. But what really set my Chrindie nostalgia through the roof was the announcement that they’ll be performing alongside The Prayer Chain and Dakoda Motor Co.(!) to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Prayer Chain’s Shawl album.

I had no idea that Dakoda Motor Co. were still together — their last album was 1996’s Railroad — but according to their website, they have several shows this year, including The Prayer Chain gig. Apparently, everything old is new again, at least as far as Chrindie music goes.