“Cerise Dream” by Temple of Angels

The Austin-based dreampop band ably conjures the spectre of ’90s Cocteau Twins in all its glory.

Upon hearing Temple of Angels’ “Cerise Dream,” you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a long-lost outtake from the sessions for Cocteau Twins’ Treasure. The Austin-based dreampop band’s music ably recalls the Twins’ ethereal sound thanks to Bre Morell’s angelic sighs and the band’s pinwheeling guitars. However, Temple of Angel’s music also has a slight post-punk edge to it that helps keep it from being all frilly and drift-y, and the music’s the stronger for it.

(Don’t just take my word for it, though: back in July, Temple of Angels were featured in Paste’s “20 Shoegaze Bands You Should Know in 2020″ feature, where their music was described as “far too gorgeous to overlook.”)

Cerise Dream” is the band’s latest single, and was released back in 2019 by Funeral Party Records (which is home to several other excellent bands, including Cold Showers and Topographies). According to this tweet, Temple of Angels are spending 2020 working on their first full-length. In the meantime, check out their previous releases on Bandcamp.