Catch the Breeze


Sometimes, there’s news that simply deserves to be shouted from the mountaintops, and this is that kind of news, so forgive me if I sound as giddy as a little schoolgirl. Here goes…

A Slowdive compilation will soon be released! Entitled Catch the Breeze (my fave Slowdive song, yay!), the two-disc comp collects and remasters all of the bands “greatest hits”, from their earliest EPs on through their swan song, Pygmalion. While there’s no unreleased music (a shame), the track listing is nothing to sneeze at…

DISC 1: Slowdive, Avalyn 1, Morningrise, She Calls, Catch The Breeze, Shine, Golden Hair, Spanish Air, Waves, Alison, So Tired, Sing, Souvlaki Space Station

DISC 2: Machine Gun, Here She Comes, When The Sun Hits, In Mind, Good Day Sunshine, Missing You, Rutti, Crazy For You, Trellisaze, Blue Skied And Clear

Who are Slowdive, you might ask? Well, I’m probably not the best person to ask for an objective opinion, as I consider them to be one of the finest bands to have ever graced God’s green earth, and quite possibly the most perfect shoegazer band ever (sorry MBV fans). Since many of the band’s releases are incredibly hard to get — unless you’re willing to shell out beaucoup bucks for Pygmalion on EBay, that is — this comp is a great place to start if my gushing has persuaded you to check them out.

The lovely folks at Tonevendor is currently selling the disc for $26.99 plus shipping. Click here for more info.

Oh, and if you haven’t had enough of my gushing, here are my reviews for Just For A Day, Souvlaki, and Pygmalion.

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