“Calling Infinity Blade III a technical masterpiece is an understatement”

According to Touch Arcade’s Eli Hodapp, Infinity Blade III “takes the familiar Infinity Blade formula and tweaks it to the point of perfection.” More:

One really has to reach to even come up with anything bad to say about Infinity Blade III. You could argue that it’s not enough of a departure from the previous games, but when we’re looking at the conclusion of a trilogy I think it’s totally appropriate to take what the last two games were about and tighten that up in any small way you can. You also still don’t have any kind of free roaming ability, if there’s anyone out there who is still worked up about that.

The one drawback, if you’d even call this that, is that you’ll find yourself so interested in the plot development of Infinity Blade III that dying to a boss and needing to start that area over instead of seeing what happens next is actually a total bummer at times. It’s a weird sensation, as we sort of just accept that this is the sort of thing you do in Infinity Blade games, and actually feeling disappointed that I need to wait to see what happens next is an odd feeling for a game series that traditionally has been (for me, anyway) so combat-focused.

If you need a refresher on the series’ storyline, Touch Arcade has posted this thorough guide.

Infinity Blade III is now available in the App Store.

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