BioWare’s latest: Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins

Within the last two weeks or so, BioWare has released a slew of information for their latest projects, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

For the former — a sequel to the acclaimed Mass Effect — they’ve released a teaser trailer which contains a shocking twist or two.

And for the latter — a new original title that takes the company back to their fantasy role-playing roots — BioWare has released the various origin stories that will be used to generate and shape your character in the game.

Which might not seem like much, but anyone who has played a BioWare game knows that the company invests as much time and energy in their games’ stories as they do the graphics and gameplay — which is why their games are as good as they are. As such, it’s exciting to get a sneak peek at what is bound to be a grand and involved adventure.

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