Back with the Huskers

My trip is officially at an end… well, almost. I’m in Omaha with my parents (free laundry), so I still need to make it back to Lincoln this afternoon, but that ain’t no thang.

Last night was quite the ride, covering 1200 miles in under 18 hours. There’s nothing quite like tearing down I-29 at 2:00am, with God in the passenger seat, Lift to Experience in the player, and strange flashes of light on the horizon.

I’ve always found that the worst part of travelling is actually arriving at your destination. While you’re on the road, you’re completely removed from current events. Your only focus is getting from Point A to Point B; nothing else matters. I’ve always found that narrowing of focus relaxing.

Also, while you’re travelling, you can still hold onto your vacation, even as you draw nearer to home. However, the moment you pull in the driveway — whether it’s 3:00 in the afternoon or, in my case, 3:00 in the morning — your vacation is officially at an end. Now all you have to look forward to is unpacking, doing laundry, and inserting yourself back into life in general.


Still, I’m very glad that I got to go on this, to see people that I may only see once a year otherwise. It allowed to drop some personal baggage I’ve been carrying for quite some time, as well as assure me that I’m where I need to be. At least for the time being. Lincoln may feel small and average, and it may never get a lot of good concerts (Lawrence here I come), but it still feels like home for now.