The AV Club reviews Spaced: The Complete Series

The AV Club reviews Spaced: The Complete Series:

Spaced became a cult hit on both sides of the Atlantic in part because of those rapid-fire pop-culture references, and in part because it seemed to be drawn from the lives of its fans. But the show works even now because of Pegg and Stevenson’s peculiar balance of geek sensibility and chick-lit madcappery. It’s funny when Pegg tells the not-yet-26-year-old Stevenson, “You’d be dead in four years if this was Logan’s Run,” and it’s funny when Stevenson tries to liven up a party with a mix-tape containing every overexposed rock and pop song of the last 30 years. It’s funny because — as another popular figure from the Spaced era used to say — we can feel their pain.

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