Attack on Titan’s Second Season Reveals “The New Darkest Day in Humanity’s History”

The human-devouring giants are back, along with more existential dread, bloody melodrama, and high-flying action.

I love how unapologetically over-the-top Attack on Titan can get. Then again, when your anime is about giant smiling naked humanoids who devour human beings and inspire existential dread in everyone who sees them, subtlety isn’t really a factor, is it?

Still, I have to smile when a character proclaims in the trailer for Attack on Titan’s second season that “Today marks the new darkest day in humanity’s history” because that’s such an Attack on Titan thing to say.

All joking aside, Attack on Titan was one of my favorite anime series back in 2013, and it ended on quite a revelation: that — spoiler alert! — the very walls protecting humanity from the titans were actually made of titans themselves. Which seems to be something the trailer hints at when it reveals several new titans, including a “beast” titan.

Attack on Titan’s first season was based on the first 33 chapters of Hajime Isayama’s manga. Given that the manga contains over 80 chapters, and is still far from being finished, it’s a safe bet that season two won’t answer all of the fan questions. But apparently, it will answer some of the more pressing ones, namely the nature of protagonist Eren Jaeger’s ability to transform into a titan himself.

Attack on Titan will be released, in all of its bloody glory, here in North America by Funimation in April 2017.

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