“Astral Body 2 Body” by Redder Moon

The Kansas City trio’s sleek, synth-driven music conjures up a stylish Euro vibe.

If you knew nothing about Redder Moon, then you’d probably assume that their sleek, synth-driven rock was a European import, most likely from some stylish place like Paris or Berlin. And who could blame you? But they are, in fact, a product of America’s heartland (Kansas City, to be precise) that just so happens to display excellent taste.

Case in point: “Astral Body 2 Body” from their Land of the Blind EP (which was released earlier this year). The song’s icy synths are perfectly matched by dance-y beats and spectral guitars courtesy of Jeremiah James Gonzales and Brody Lowe. Meanwhile, Jill McKeever’s coolly sensual voice is the proverbial icing on the cake.

In addition to Land of the Blind, Redder Moon also released their debut full-length, Hell is Other People, earlier this year. If “Astral Body 2 Body” intrigues you, then I strongly recommend checking out the new album, which continues to flesh out the trio’s stylish sound (particularly on songs like the title track and “Internet Girls”).