I just posted a review of the Anamude concert I caught on Sunday. She’s currently in the middle of a two week tour, so be sure to check her out if she comes to your neck of the woods. And she’s one of the most personable musicians you’re likely to meet this side of Rosie Thomas, so don’t be afraid to go up and say “Hi.”

I know I often have a thing about talking to bands in person. I don’t know why, because they’re human beings and no different (aside from living one of the coolest lifestyles imaginable). Nolan could go up and talk to any musician, but I always seem to hang back and watch them from afar. And of course, I always feel like a chump, like I did when I saw Ester Drang earlier in the summer and didn’t even say “Hi.”

But I went up and say “Hi” to Ana, and she was incredibly nice and genuinely excited to be playing in Omaha, to be travelling and meeting new people (like the older couple who came simply because their son in Seattle had told them to). It was a fun and refreshing night, and I hope she comes back through the area soon.

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