“Alas, Orpheus” by Akira Kosemura

The Japanese composer’s calm, meditative piano arrangements are a tonic for these anxious times.

In this stressful, anxious time of pandemic, I think it’s healthy for us to seek out small moments of peace and tranquility wherever we can find them. Enter Akira Kosemura’s evocative re-working of Illumine’s “Alas, Orpheus.”

In the vein of modern classical artists like Nils Frahm and Max Richter, Kosemura’s delicate piano notes and bell-like synths come together to create a calm, meditative space that’s slightly shaded with melancholy — as befitting the current global situation.

The song comes from Illumine’s upcoming Dear, Piano album. Due out in August, Dear, Piano features various musicians reinterpreting Illumine songs as “intimate piano versions.” In addition to Kosemura, Dear, Piano includes contributions from Affan, Jonny Southard, and Sergio Dias de Rojas.

As for Kosemura, his most recent solo release is the soundtrack for the Oprah Winfrey Network-produced TV series Love Is. His previous works include soundtracks for Japanese dramas like Meet Me After School and Bring on the Melody.