AICN’s Moriarty looks at The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2

AICN’s Moriarty looks at The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2:

Bottom line: these are films that are built to last. When someone says to me, “It’s just a comic book movie,” these are the films that make that statement pointless. Nothing has to be “just” a comic book movie or “just” a video game movie or “just” a remake or “just” a sequel. Every single time you set out to make a film, you have a chance to say something, a chance to genuinely affect your viewer. You don’t have to aim for “good enough.” Ambition is important, but Hancock proves that’s not enough. It’s ambition plus inspiration plus creative chemistry plus a little bit of dumb fucking luck that all come together to make movies like these. But the only reason they accomplish anything is because Christopher Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro and all the remarkable madmen they collaborated with in bringing them to the screen… they all dared to drop the word “just” from their vocabulary. They aimed for art. They aimed for pure enduring cinema.

And, good god, we are richer for it.