A Shadowy Flight

How weird is this? Will Arnett — you know, Gob from Arrested Development — will be providing the voice for KITT in NBC’s upcoming Knight Rider pilot/made for TV movie. Despite Knight Rider being one of my favorite TV shows as a child — we’re talking an almost religious devotion to the series, folks — I didn’t really care too much when I first heard about the remake. And when I saw that KITT was going to be a Mustang in the remake, I cared even less.

But this little twist does pique my curiosity somewhat. Maybe I will check out the movie when it comes out on February 17, 2008 — if only to hear Arnett-as-KITT express frustration and concern over Michael Knight’s, er, Mike Tracer’s reckless behavior.

You can see and hear a little bit of the new KITT in this shorter-than-short teaser that NBC has released:

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