“A Little Dancing” by Acid House Kings

The Swedish pop group returns with their first new music in almost a decade.

It’s been ten years since Sweden’s Acid House Kings released their last album, 2011’s Music Sounds Better with You. Since then, the group’s members have been involved in various side projects, which include Johan Angergård’s Club 8 and Niklas Angergård’s Red Sleeping Beauty.

But after a year-long pandemic, the Acid House Kings reunited in the studio to, in their words, “[indulge] in dreams of summers and parties to come, and in the memories of summers that have passed.” The first result of those sessions is “A Little Dancing,” a sprightly tune that’s further proof that Sweden has cornered the market on sterling pop melodies.

We’re still not out from under COVID’s shadow — get vaccinated, people! — but “A Little Dancing” envisions when that time might come, when there will be a time for following your heart, dancing, romancing, and “everything that’s you.” And better yet, the band has promised that there’s still more music where “A Little Dancing” came from.