Well, here we go with the update that was supposed to go up last week. Ah well, them’s the breaks, I guess. Of course, we have the obligatory album reviews, which are of the high quality that you’ve come to expect from Opus. However, we finally got off our lazy butts and published two interviews from Cornerstone 2000, with Fine China and Matt Wignall (Havalina Rail Co.). These were supposed to go up way back in September, I think, but they kind of got lost in the shuffle. We hope you enjoy them.

And now for something really special. On December 12, a dim halo will be playing our first show ever. “And just who is a dim halo?” you may ask. Well, it just so happens to be the band that Nolan and I are in. Yeah, like all good music critics, we got so fed up with the current state of musical affairs that we decided to do something about it. Or something like that. If you’re in the Lincoln, Nebraska area on the 12th, and would like a chance to criticize the critics as we unveil our sound, like a helpless babe, to the world, please drop by. E-mail me for directions.

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