A Christmas Gift from Wayside & Woodland Recordings

Earlier today, my two-year-old was distressed to see my wife taking down the Christmas decorations. We tried explaining to him that Christmas had passed, but he would have none of that. So, as far as the Opus household is concerned, Christmas is not quite over.

In that spirit, I mention this holiday mix from Wayside & Woodland Recordings featuring music from Epic45, EL Heath, My Autumn Empire, Charles Vaughan, and more. I meant to post about this before Christmas, but holiday plans and travels didn’t allow it. But it’s never too late to receive a Christmas gift, especially when the gift is music this uniformly lovely.

Here’s the complete track listing:

  1. epic45 — “Lost Content”
  2. The Toy Library — “The First Morning in December”
  3. EL Heath — “Walking in Llanymynech on the 29th May 2008”
  4. Pmanasseh — “Moire Artifacts”
  5. Charles Vaughan — “Norfolk Branchlines”
  6. The Nature Table — “Faded Ladybird Saturday”
  7. Charles Vaughan — “Isolation Process”
  8. The Toy Library — “Ivy Covered”
  9. Charles Vaughan — “extract from ’Infinite Hedgerows’”
  10. My Autumn Empire — “We Were Happy”
  11. EL Heath — “Waltz of the Willows”
  12. The Toy Library — “Turning Back”
  13. epic45 — “These Walks Saved Us”
  14. Pmanasseh — “344”
  15. EL Heath — “Scott Level”
  16. John Millon — “Magor”
  17. My Autumn Empire — “So, You Follow the Painful Crowd”
  18. The Joseph Pilato Quartet — “Darkening Skies”

You can also download the entire mix for free from Autres Directions.

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