(Daniel Nanescu)

Last week, I wrote a short post for the Firespring blog about all of the wisdom that I’ve gained after 15 years of blogging. I certainly don’t consider myself a pundit by any means, but I do think I’ve learned a thing or two after having written online for so long. If you’re a fellow blogger, or you’re just curious about what’s going on in the back of my mind whenever I blog, I hope you find it helpful.

1) Use the right method for determining your blog’s success. Don’t let monthly traffic counts, ad revenue, number of comments, etc. determine whether or not your blog is a success. Blogging is a wonderful method for figuring out what makes you tick and for helping you work through issues and ideas that are important to you. If it helps you (and others) think more clearly about the world around you, then it’s a success. Anything else is icing.
5) Write, write, and write some more. This doesn’t mean you publish everything you write; writing is the important thing, not publishing. I’ve written many entries where, after I finished, I realized that I didn’t want to actually make them public, and deleted them. I don’t see that as wasted time, though. Rather, the process of writing such entries, and working out my thoughts, often clears my mind and helps me focus more clearly on writing entries that I truly want to publish.

And yes, that’s right… I’ve been blogging (in one form or another), for 15 years.