2010 L’Abri Conference

This year’s theme is “Making All Things New: The Power of the Gospel to Transform all that it Touches.”

The brochure for the 2010 L’Abri conference in Rochester, Minnesota arrived in the mail today. And while we won’t be able to attend — we’ll be “recovering” from the arrival of the newest baby Opus — it’s still fun to go through the brochure, look at the schedule, and think “what if”.

The 2010 conference’s theme is “Making All Things New: The Power of the Gospel to Transform all that it Touches” and here are some of the planned sessions:

  • “Christ’s Comprehensive Work of Renewal: Jesus overcomes the Seven-Pointed Curse” — Jerram Barrs
  • “The Law of Freedom: Human Identity Through God’s Will” — Guilherme de Carvalho
  • “Creeds: Why We Need them and Why We Think We Don’t” — Ben Keyes
  • “The Renewed Popularity of Naturalism” — Henk Reitsema
  • “Subverting Modernity: How Community Dismantles Practical Atheism” — Jeff Adams
  • “God and the Power of Irony and Humor” — Dick Keyes
  • “Hope is a Dangerous Thing: Echoes of Redemption in Film” — Denis Haack
  • “Children’s Books: The Power of Stories in Renewing our Humanness” — Jerram Barrs
  • “Movies and Madness: Images of Brokenness and Healing” — Richard Winter
  • “Gillian Welch: Reflections on her Songwriting” — Ben Keyes
  • “God’s Law and Our Renewal in the Image of God” — Jerram Barrs
  • “Bye-bye Postmodernism, Hello Intuitionism” — Henk Reitsema
  • “The New Atheism and a Reasonable Response” — Greg Jesson

More information, including a PDF with the complete schedule and registration form, can be found here.