My Cultural Diet

Quick reviews of movies, TV shows, books, restaurants, etc., as I enjoy them. My own private Goodreads, Letterboxd, and Yelp all rolled into one (more info here). Ratings are 100% subjective, non-scientific, and subject to change. May contain affiliate links.

Halo Infinite
My third time playing all the way through the campaign. I still enjoy the gameplay — using the grappleshot to stun an enemy and then stick a plasma grenade on them will never not be satisfying — and I love everything about the game’s design and aesthetic (except for the explosions). But the story itself feels hollow, like 343 Industries worked themselves into a narrative corner after the last two games. I’m curious to see how future installments will advance the storyline. (Read my review)
My second time through the campaign. Enjoyed it even more, especially the gorgeous art design. I’m left wanting more, in both good and bad ways. (Read my review)
I loved so much about this game’s aesthetic (design, soundtrack), but unfortunately, it was nigh unplayable on my poor ol’ Xbox One S. The lag was so bad it gave me headaches.
I didn’t finish this one, so I don’t feel like I can rate it, but what little I played was really intriguing and suitably mysterious.
I loved everything about this old school-feeling RPG, from the lush pixel art and diverse, fantastical setting to the emotional storyline. (Read my review)
As much I want them to be, I just don’t think that Souls-like games are my cup of tea.
I occasionally found the controls frustrating, but I was never not intrigued by this “surreal, exoplanetary exploration game” (their words, not mine).