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This Michigan-based pub restaurant chain arrived in Lincoln back in 2016, and after hearing about it, we finally checked it out. I would eat here again, but I’m not in any great rush to do so, especially when Lincoln has so many other great restaurants. The next time I want to eat this kind of food, I’ll probably just stick with Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill.
The Italian Runza
My favorite fast food meal is an Italian Runza, onion rings, and root beer. Runza doesn’t bring out the Italian very often — more than two years have passed since my last one — but the wait was worth it.
The best burgers in Lincoln, no question about it. I usually get their “Greatest Burger Ever” (an excellent bacon cheeseburger) but the “Porterhouse” was on the menu this time — and it was fantastic.
Some of the best BBQ ribs I’ve had in a long time. We were a little underwhelmed by the brisket (which, though flavorful, was a bit on the dry side), but those ribs were topnotch.
I really liked this place when it was called AmuManu Ramen, and it’s still just as good. I had the Stir Fry Ramen tonight, and it was pretty filling with just a slight hint of spice to liven things up a bit.
I’m not the biggest fan of California rolls, but the ones I like — such as Blue Sushi’s Hawaiian roll — I really like. (It’s all about the tempura crust.) I also highly recommend their mango crab rangoon. We get it every time, and every time I have to resist the urge to lick the plate clean, the mango sauce is that good.
I like my cinnamon rolls soaked in loads of caramel-ly goodness. Which is precisely how Stacy Lynn makes hers. Her bakery’s located in Henderson, which is about an hour from Lincoln. Fortunately, we can find her cinnamon rolls in our local grocery store’s freezer aisle. They’re a bit pricey for a half-dozen, but totally worth it.
Their mango chicken on jasmine rice is solid, but the skillet shrimp appetizer is where it’s at.
This restaurant in Mead, NE (of all places) was a delightful surprise. Their wood-fired pizzas are delicious and they even make a solid cheesesteak.
You haven’t truly lived until you’ve had one of their caramel cinnamon rolls.
Arguably my favorite restaurant in Omaha. I was bummed to see that the Jujeh Kabob wasn’t available on their dinner menu, but not enough to not give them five stars. My wife had the Soltani Kabob and it was amazing.
If you have a sweet tooth like mine, then this place is a must-see. Huge assortment of candies from all over the world, including Japanese Kit Kats.
I used to go to this baked sub shop all the time, but now it’s only in Omaha. Their beef sandwich was just as delicious as I remembered (though I should’ve ordered it with extra cheese).
You’d think that a joint named “Cheeseburgers” would, y’know, make a good cheeseburger. We would’ve been better off just going to Runza.
I’m not a huge fan of maki rolls, but the tempura coating on their Hawaiian roll was *chef’s kiss*. The Itchy Salmon is also excellent. Added bonus: My kids loved it.
I know Zio’s makes good pizza, but it doesn’t really travel well for takeout. Plus, they got our order wrong this time.
Our new favorite pizza place in Lincoln. Their pepperoni and cream cheese is on point.