My Cultural Diet

Quick reviews of movies, TV shows, books, restaurants, etc., as I enjoy them. My own private Goodreads, Letterboxd, and Yelp all rolled into one (more info here). Ratings are 100% subjective and non-scientific. May contain affiliate links. 

I loved so much about this game’s aesthetic (design, soundtrack), but unfortunately, it was nigh unplayable on my poor ol’ Xbox One S. The lag was so bad it gave me headaches.
I didn’t finish this one, so I don’t feel like I can rate it, but what little I played was really intriguing and suitably mysterious.
I know nothing about ZZ Top’s music (other than the obvious hits) but I really enjoyed this.
I loved everything about this old school-feeling RPG, from the lush pixel art and diverse, fantastical setting to the emotional storyline. (Read my review)
Though I appreciate what Chloé Zhao tried to do here, the results were flat and unremarkable.
Reading this, I can’t help but hear the actors’ voices from the TV series. They really did a marvelous job capturing the spirit of this book.
I’m pretty sure this novel about the world’s greatest assassin (and lover) is supposed to be a parody of the genre, but I found it tedious and pretentious.
Our new favorite pizza place in Lincoln. Their pepperoni and cream cheese is on point.
I thought this would be right up my alley, but it never clicked for me. Didn’t finish it.
I can’t remember the last time I hated a movie as much as I hated this one. (Read my review)
An absolute train wreck. A fascinating train wreck. But a train wreck, nevertheless. (Read my review)
Really enjoyable action scenes, but the comedy was too broad and over-the-top. Still undecided as to whether I’ll watch the sequel or not.
As much I want them to be, I just don’t think that Souls-like games are my cup of tea.
I occasionally found the controls frustrating, but I was never not intrigued by this “surreal, exoplanetary exploration game” (their words, not mine).
A delightful novella about a priest and a robot traveling through a post-apocalyptic society.
I enjoyed this well enough when I was reading, but it didn’t leave much of an impression.