My Cultural Diet

Quick reviews of movies, TV shows, books, restaurants, etc., as I enjoy them. My own private Goodreads, Letterboxd, and Yelp all rolled into one (more info here). Ratings are 100% subjective and non-scientific. May contain affiliate links. 

One of our favorite Omaha museums. The train exhibits are endlessly fascinating (and make me want to ride the rails) and they currently have an excellent Nelson Mandela exhibit.
And yes, I’ve had “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” going through my head ever since.
You’d think that a joint named “Cheeseburgers” would, y’know, make a good cheeseburger. We would’ve been better off just going to Runza.
I’m not a huge fan of maki rolls, but the tempura coating on their Hawaiian roll was *chef’s kiss*. The Itchy Salmon is also excellent. Added bonus: My kids loved it.
There’s a reason why this is considered one of the world’s best zoos. Highlights include the aquarium and the “Asian Highlands” exhibit (complete with red pandas and snow leopard).
I know Zio’s makes good pizza, but it doesn’t really travel well for takeout. Plus, they got our order wrong this time.
I liked this volume OK, but more importantly, it got me hyped for volume two.
Is there such a thing as a too-sarcastic Ryan Reynolds? This might be it.
My second time through the campaign. Enjoyed it even more, especially the gorgeous art design. I’m left wanting more, in both good and bad ways. (Read my review)
It pains me to rate a Jackie Chan movie so low, but compared to the first Police Story, this one feels underwhelming. The cafe and playground brawls are still topnotch Jackie action, though.
Reacher, Season One
I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Sometimes, you just want to watch a beefy protagonist who has no qualms smashing bad guys’ heads in while dropping one-liners. This more than fills that bill. Bring on season two!
This cautionary tale about technology run amok is joyless and heavy-handed, two words I never thought I’d associate with a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.
A top-notch Cold War thriller in every possible way. One of those movies that I could watch almost any time.
I haven’t read the original book but I enjoyed the movie, which felt like it mostly earned its big, melodramatic heartstring-tugging moments.
Very enjoyable nature documentary series on Disney+. Stunning footage + Will Smith’s humor and charisma = A winning combination. I also wrote about it for Christ and Pop Culture.
I really want to rate this higher, but it just doesn’t embrace the weirdness of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga as much as I would like. (Read my review)
I was a big fan of The Martian, and this feels very much of a piece. One of those sci-fi novels that makes you feel smarter while you read it. And yes, I’ll totally watch the (inevitable) movie.