Supporters of Opus who give $25/​month or more can commission one post on Opus every 12 months. Here are some basic guidelines for commissioned posts:

  1. Send me a couple of idea of pitches and I’ll work with you to develop the best one.
  2. When thinking of ideas, please keep in mind the focus of Opus in the first place. While I see commissioned posts as an opportunity to be challenged and grow as a writer, there are obviously certain topics that I’m more knowledgeable about. This doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to write about areas outside my usual haunting grounds, but at the very least, it does mean that the post may require more time to research, write, and edit.
  3. Commissioned posts aren’t intended to be puff pieces or advertorials. If you want me to write a post about your favorite album or movie and I end up not liking it, I’ll write as much. The way I see it, you’re supporting Opus because you appreciate my honest and thoughtful opinions, so that’s what I intend to deliver.
  4. You will get the opportunity to review your commissioned post before I publish it on Opus. If, for some reason, you don’t want me to publish the finished post, I’ll respect your wishes.
  5. Commissioned posts will include a disclaimer to differentiate them from ​“normal” posts. This is for transparency’s sake so that other readers will know which posts are commissioned and by whom.
  6. As the author, I retain full copyrights of all commissioned posts. That being said, you are free to repost your commissioned post wherever you like. All I ask is that if you repost it, you provide a link back to the original Opus version and reference me as the author.
  7. As much as I’d like to be a globetrotting blogger, the day-to-day realities of my life (e.g., family, work) mean that I can’t travel much further than our local library to do research for a commissioned post. But hey, that’s why the internet was invented.

I want to be as upfront with supporters as possible with this process. If you have questions about any of the above points, or about anything that I didn’t cover, contact me.