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Catching My Eye

Here are a few websites that have recently popped up on my radar.

The New Hotness

The latest version of Opus is even more streamlined than before and boasts some significant changes under the hood.

Shaun Inman Presents “The Heap”

Inman taps into the web’s inherent ephemeral-ness and uses it as a very creative means of presentation.

The Face of Web Hosting

Is there some sort of unspoken agreement among the world’s hosting providers that states that their websites must look like total ass?
Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London Website Review

This definitely sets the bar high for subsequent game websites.
Hellgate: London

Toronto After Dark

Hellgate: London

CSS Mess

When working with something as flexible, liberating, and downright cool as CSS, it’s all too easy for common sense to fly out the window.
Hellgate: London

A Little Eye Candy Never Hurt Anyone

Hellgate: London

Maniacal Rage Website Review

Again, it’s all about atmosphere and subtlety, and me likey.
Hellgate: London

The Obligatory “Explaining the New Design” Post

Hellgate: London

The 2005 Nebbies

Today’s students interested in web design have an insane amount of resources at their disposal.


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