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Google Webfont Viewer v2

Daft Punk Mashup Visual

An Awesome HTML5/CSS3 Visualization of the “Definitive Daft Punk” Mash-up

Daft Punk Mashup Visual

Microsoft’s Never Mind the Bullets

Microsoft has developed an über-cool HTML5-based web comic to celebrate the impending release of Internet Explorer 9.
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Is ExpressionEngine Becoming Too Expensive?

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the pricing of a “typical” ExpressionEngine site.
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John McCain for U.S. Senate

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My Favorite ExpressionEngine Add-Ons

There are a number of EE add-ons that have become de facto parts of my EE toolkit.
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EllisLab Previews ExpressionEngine 2.0 at SXSW

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ExpressionEngine: One Year Later

It’s a rare thing when a software package has so much impact on your life.
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My Work Was on TV… Sort Of

It’s always exciting to see one’s work mentioned on TV, in one way or another.
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A Note to Wordpress.com Users: Turn off “Snap Previews”

They look cool but they’re annoying as hell.
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Presenting the New Twitch

I’m really excited by the new site and the capabilities it offers Todd and his team of crazy writers that they never had before.
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Toronto After Dark 2007

Big shock here, but the Toronto After Dark website is now running on ExpressionEngine.


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