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Star Trek Has Always Been More Religious Than Its Creators Want or Realize

It’s a stretch to say that “religion basically no longer exists” in the Star Trek universe.
The Matrix

The Best Streaming Titles for August 2017, Including The Matrix, Voltron, Death Note, Bill & Ted & Spider-Man

Coming soon: Two of Keanu Reeves’ greatest roles, more robot lion action, Gary Cooper, everyone’s favorite webslinger, and much more.
Rogue One

The Best Streaming Titles for July 2017: Rogue One, Punch-Drunk Love, Castlevania, Dark City, Mr. Robot & more

Coming soon: “Star Wars,” Adam Sandler’s finest role, vampire hunters, dark sci-fi mysteries, TV hacktivists, and more.

The Best Streaming Titles for June 2017

Vietnam War epics, Disney’s Polynesian musical, wrestling ladies, Muay Thai mayhem, a Rat Pack remake, and more.
Doctor Strange - Scott Derrickson

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in May 2017

Coming soon: Cyberpunk anime, Nazi hunters, Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Roman gladiators, 007, Frank Drebin, and more.
MST3K, Satellite of Love

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in April 2017

Coming soon: A magical musician, the Satellite of Love, rival magicians, the ultimate cop, and more.
Terminator 2

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in March 2017

Coming soon: a Mel Brooks western, Mr. Miyagi, South Korean revenge, a vampire mockumentary, and Ah-nuld in his prime.
Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

The Whole World’s Upside Down in Stranger Things Season 2

Things far, far worse than the demogorgon are lurking in the Upside Down.
Running Man

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in February 2017

Coming soon: The greatest talking pig movie of all time, magicians, classic Schwarzenegger, classic James Bond, and more.
Voltron Season 2

The Best Streaming Titles Arriving in January 2017

Coming soon: ’80s comedy and horror classics, a Parisian fairy tale, a farting corpse, giant robot lion action, and more.
Rogue One

Random Nerdery: Macross, Star Wars, Voltron, and Thunderbirds Are Go

Transforming mecha and the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” make everything better.
Stranger Things, Lights

What might happen in season two of Stranger Things?

Also, some more thoughts about why, exactly, the show is so powerful and endearing for me.


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