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College Students Stumped by Search Engines

We need to start teaching students how to better use the technology at their fingertips.

Teach Kids to Use CTRL+F (and Other Useful Tech Tips)

Students (and others) would benefit from learning how to use the technology in their lives more efficiently. Let’s start with keyboard shortcuts.

Dear Bands: Please Stop Hosting Your Music on Myspace

Myspace used to be the easiest way to post music online. Not so much anymore.
iPhone 4

Smartphones & Our Ever-Changing Communication

Smartphones make our communication more efficient by decreasing our need to actually talk on the phone, but is that always a good thing?
iPhone 4

Comments on Comments

Black Sabbath

6 Degrees of Black Sabbath

Compact Discs

Why I Still Buy CDs

Physicality is just as integral to my appreciation and understanding of music as anything.
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Surprise, Surprise… Facebook Users Are Pissed off Again

I can never understand why people get their knickers in such a twist at the thought of Facebook changing something.
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The New Version of Long Pauses Got Me a-Thinking

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A Note to Wordpress.com Users: Turn off “Snap Previews”

They look cool but they’re annoying as hell.
Steve Jobs announces the iPhone

So, There Was This Keynote Earlier Today…

There’s no doubt that Apple has thrown down the gauntlet to all of the other phone and portable device manufacturers.
iMac 24", 2006 Model

The New New iMacs

The more I think about it, the more I think these new iMacs might be the perfect computers for web designers.


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