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C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis: “The Hopeless Disharmony…”

C.S. Lewis

“Why is it so hard for us to imagine Jesus vomiting?”

C.S. Lewis

If I love Jesus, do I really need to hate religion?

You may say that I’m simply quibbling over semantics here… and that’s precisely what I’m doing.

Jesus, He Knows (A Triptych)

Three reflections on human frailty.

What I Wish My Pastor Knew about the Life of a Scientist

A pastoral reflection on what it means to be a scientist, and how the Church may better minister to scientists.

Are you really redeeming culture?


Looking Past the Rapture That Wasn’t

Two excellent articles that should prove thought-provoking in light of Harold Camping’s failed Rapture prediction.

A Real War on Christmas

When I read stories like this, I find myself incapable of summoning up any concern or outrage regarding the “war on Christmas.”
Biblical Contradictions

Biblical Contradictions (Now With Pictures)

An infographic purports to show 439 contradictions in the Bible, but is there more to the picture than meets the eye?
Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse: Covert Christian Evangelists?


All Religions Are Not the Same

Pretending that religious differences don’t matter is a dangerous thing.

The Best Thing I’ve Read So Far Concerning Glenn Beck’s “Leave Your Church” Statement

A thoughtful, well-reasoned article that is respectful to Beck while being critical of his shallow announcements


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