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Reading: Traveling in Japan, Lovecraftian Racism, Shrinking Netflix, Farewell to Sports, Online Trolls Keep Winning & more

Also: Managing childbirth expectations, online assumptions, reviving Star Trek, Left Behind flaws, and David Bazan.
Facebook Screenshot

Reading: Facebook’s Experiments, Ello’s Value, Revisiting Mac OS 9, Recommending “The Road,” Your Brain on Video Games & More

Also: Movie theaters vs. movie studios, MST3K and the Gospel, the problem with prequels, the history of hold music, and censoring classic works of art.
Death Star

Reading: The Death Star’s Physics, Celebrating Studio Ghibli, Doctor Who Philosophy, Nick Cave’s “20,000 Days” & More

Also: The necessity of deceptive technology, ethical clicking, Reddit’s moral dilemma, Ghost in the Shell, and why Dungeons & Dragons still matters.

Reading: Movies & Your Brain, Beyoncé vs. Sofia, Don’t Call Me “Bro,” Escher Girls, The Simpsons’ Legacy & more

Also: The story behind a new HTML tag, Facebook damages public discourse, developing virtue, and leaked nude celebrity pics.
Weird Al

Reading: Weird Al’s Halftime Show, Facebook & OKCupid, Terminator Spoilers, Shoegaze Revival & More

Also: Nobody likes Richard Dawkins, dealing with Gungor’s doubts, and C.S. Lewis’ importance.
Ikiru, Akira Kurosawa

Reading: Ikiru, a Bible Redesign, The Simpsons, Myers-Briggs, Leaving Facebook, Soccer & more

Also: A shoegazer documentary, the thin line between public and private, debating the salvation of extraterrestrials, and remembering the F-14 Tomcat.
Brendan Eich

Reading: Brendan Eich Fallout, Commenters, Google, Twee Revolution, Frozen, Instagram & more

Holding Hands

Reading: Raising Daughters, The Slender Man, Typography, Church Abuse, Hayao Miyazaki & More

Also: BuzzFeed quizzes, the coder’s high, Google’s new design aesthetic, understanding Genesis in its cultural context, and more.
Holding Hands

What happens to a blog when the blogger is sick for two weeks?

It’s amazing how much time you find to read when you have no energy to write.
Holding Hands

Two Stories of Human Suffering and Strength

One comes from North Korea, the other from Mauritania.
The 11th Doctor

Doctor Who, Bad Movies, Scientists & Religion, Sci-Fi & Sex, Blockbuster’s Passing & More

Doctor Who, intentionally bad movies, scientists and religion, pop music’s Ibiza-fication, humanity’s fate, sci-fi and strange sex, politics and the Church, Christians and suffering, music’s increasing narcissism, and the passing of Blockbuster Video.
Tony Jaa

Elsewhere, January 14, 2011


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