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Weekend Reads: DuckTales, Star Wars Forevermore, Firefox’s Future, Transhumanism & Religion

Also: Novelists tussle on Twitter, improving Apple’s Safari browser, Facebook and the Church.

Weekend Reads: iZombie, A Ghost Story, Shoegaze History, Battle Royale’s Legacy, Hayao Miyazaki’s Storytelling & more

Also: Your new favorite typeface to hate, revisiting David Lynch’s Dune, gritty modern reboots, whither Google Fiber, and the downside of constant communication.
Your Name - Makoto Shinkai

Weekend Reads: Anime’s New Golden Age, Luc Besson’s Valerian, “Post-Horror” Films, the World’s Oldest Websites, Brain-Hacking & more

Also: Facebook’s population, the iPhone’s future, North Korea, Donald Trump’s TV addiction, new movie formats, comic books, and Henry David Thoreau’s video game.
Edgar Wright

Weekend Reads: Edgar Wright, the Electric Guitar’s Demise, H. P. Lovecraft’s Poetry, The Smiths’ Greatest Songs & more

Also: Rethinking “Shaun of the Dead,” the church pew’s sordid history, America the idol, and the modern Republican dilemma.

Weekend Reads: Superstore’s Humanizing Effect, Craigslist’s Ugly-but-Effective Design, Roadside Monument’s Return, One Punch Man & More

Also: The best good bad movies, a new “Robotech” comic, how SEO ruins websites, and more “Wonder Woman” goodness.
Robot DJ

Reading: Musical Artificial Intelligence, Daniel Tiger, Anime for Adults, Ben Sasse & More

Also: Cuba’s Netflix, pre-Tolkien fantasy epics, anime samurai apologetics, and conservatives vs. Julius Caesar.
Wonder Woman - Patty Jenkins

Weekend Reads: Wonder Woman, Studio Ghibli’s Theme Park, Cowboy Bebop, Bernie Sanders, Christianity’s Decline & More

Also: The decline of Contemporary Christian Music, Google Chrome’s ad blocker, Harvard and online privacy, and conspiracy theories of the Left.

Reading: OK Computer, the Perfect Schwarzenegger Film, Katsuhiro Otomo, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Silicon Valley vs. Grilled Cheese & More

Also: The beauty of storms, the GIF turns 30, a history of snake handling, call-out culture toxicity, and killing iTunes.
Robert Smith of The Cure

Reading: The Cure’s Best Songs, Seeing Star Wars in ‘77, Facebook’s Latest Debacle, Trump’s Declining Speech & More

Also: Marvel’s comic woes, revisiting ‘Code 46,’ an atheist biopic, pretentious movies, the Republicans’ pro-life fail, and living the Lego dream.
RAIJ Live 3

Reading: Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Star Trek: Discovery, MST3K, Fearing the Alt-Left & More

Also: Screwing over creatives, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s narrative flaws, saving old TV shows, redeeming nostalgia, touring Apple’s new campus, hand-coding CSS, and a better pro-life approach.

Reading: Moana, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked at Me & More

Also: King Arthur, Silicon Valley silliness, and the downside of “mobile first” web design.
Forbidden Planet

Reading: Sci-Fi Classics, Pro-Life Protests, Trump Theology, Apple’s Tim Cook & More

Also: Critics and Spike Lee’s latest, Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker, webfont performance & godless video games.


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