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The Cross and the Flag

What keeps us from falling down?

Once again, the moral failure at the heart of American Christianity is exposed for all to see.
Donald Trump

Dear NPR: There Are More Reasons to Reject Donald Trump Than “Two Corinthians”

Focusing on his “mispronunciation” (again) overlooks a host of much more valid reasons.
Darth Vader

The Perils (and Positives) of Politicizing Pop Culture

Pop culture nerdery won’t save the union but it could help us understand each other a little better.
The Cross and the Flag

Russell Moore: “Can the Religious Right Be Saved?”

Christians must seriously consider what, exactly, informs and shapes our primary identity. (Hint: It’s not Republican politics.)
Trump Pence

Maybe Obama Is Responsible for Trump’s Pervy Logo

The logo’s brief existence was long enough to spark an outpouring of derision for its… prurient connotations.
Donald Trump

Regarding Trump

Thanks to Trump, it’s rather heartbreaking to be anywhere on the conservative range of the political spectrum.
Donald Trump

A Cry for Help From Iraq

The world is very far from being a safe and just place.

The Political Left Can Be Anti-Science, Too


“A Long Defeat, A Final Victory”

Methinks there are worse people than Gandalf to consult when it comes to wisdom re. politics.
Tex Richman

Fox Heroes Reveal the Nefarious Liberal Agenda In The Muppets

Kermit et al. want your kids to hate rich people.
Tex Richman

The Best Thing I’ve Read So Far Concerning Glenn Beck’s “Leave Your Church” Statement

A thoughtful, well-reasoned article that is respectful to Beck while being critical of his shallow announcements
Tex Richman

John McCain for U.S. Senate


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