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If You're Feeling Sinister, Belle and Sebastian

If You’re Feeling Sinister by Belle And Sebastian (Review)

Listening to this band, you wish they get everything they long for, because if they do, that means there’s a small chance you might get it too.
Beheaded, Bedhead

Beheaded by Bedhead (Review)

I had to work late and this album was a perfect companion to the loneliness I felt in the office.
Sleep in a Synchotron, Color Filter

Sleep in a Synchotron by Color Filter (Review)

Super slick, super sweet drum and bass that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s living room.
Fold Zandura

Fold Zandura by Fold Zandura (Review)

I could easily see Fold Zandura blowing away many of the “established” Christian “modern rock” acts.
Straw, Mental Destruction

Straw by Mental Destruction (Review)

Stirring in its honest majesty, terrifying in its cold, stark savagery.
Bon Voyage, Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage by Bon Voyage (Review)

The current album has turned out to be no other than a gorgeous pop album full of catchy melodies and choruses.
Cumulus Mood Twang, Flowchart

Cumulus Mood Twang by Flowchart (Review)

Not many albums bring a tear to my eye because the music is so joyful and exultant (there’s that word again), but this one did.
The Glinting Spade, In Gowan Ring

The Glinting Spade by In Gowan Ring (Review)

Even the trippiest, shroomiest sections of the album have a warmth and humanity about them.
Blush, Bows

Blush by Bows (Review)

You’ve never heard trip-hop done quite like this, and you want to share it with some friends who are hip to the genre.
Jesus, Dance House Children

Jesus by Dance House Children (Review)

Dance House Children sounds exactly like what you’d expect a pre-Joy Electric project to sound like.
Soundpool, Dif Juz

Soundpool by Dif Juz (Review)

This is a reissue of two records, Huremics and Vibrating Air, by one of the 4AD record label’s most criminally unheard of bands.
Fear of Fours, Lamb

Fear of Fours by Lamb (Review)

Lamb’s music exudes a sense of playfulness and lustiness no other trip-hop group has.


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