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Soft Ice - Poemme

Poemme’s Soft Ice Uses Nostalgic Ambience to Convey Winter’s Beauty (Review)

Angela Klimek’s lovely debut conjures up a magical, enchanting view of winter thanks to vast ambient drones and textures.
Gil-Estel - Thangorodrim

Gil​-​Estel by Thangorodrim (Review)

Thangorodrim’s Tolkien-inspired “dungeon synth” can get cheesy at times, but the epic fantasy vision is winsome in its own way.

Pinkshinyultrablast Releases New Music from Their Upcoming Album

Both songs showcase the band’s blend of shimmery, ethereal textures and towering walls of sound.
Longing for Home - Starsabout

Longing for Home by Starsabout (Review)

For fans of thoughtful, atmospheric indie-rock, Starsabout’s debut full-length is the real deal.
Off-World - Haloed

Haloed’s Off-World Reworks Blade Runner’s Soundtrack into a Unique Sonic World (Review)

This ambient reimagining breaks down Vangelis’ original score and weaves it back together in new, intriguing ways.
Trackless - Makeup & Vanity Set

Trackless by Makeup & Vanity Set (Review)

Some of Makeup & Vanity Set’s most ambient and surreal work in some time.
Silver Surfer NES

The Silver Surfer Soundtrack Is Classic NES Music at Its Best

One of the worst NES games has one of the best NES soundtracks.
The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes’ Debut Album Turns 10, Gets Reissued

An absolute cracking album that reminds you of favorite ’80s alternative heroes without ever feeling derivative.
Dream Catalogue

Dream Catalogue Unleashes Four Volumes of Chaos

The four volumes explore a wide range of electronic music, from vaporwave to digital hardcore to surreal ambient.
New Model - Perturbator

New Model by Perturbator (Review)

Arguably the most difficult Perturbator release to date — but also one of the most intriguing.
Vibescapes - deadxbeat

Vibescapes by Deadxbeat (Review)

These instrumentals make you realize how limited the term “hip-hop” has come to be understood.
Celestial Archive - Jay Tholen

On Celestial Archive, Jay Tholen Finds Joy and Security in God’s Sovereignty (Review)

Tholen’s first album in four years finds him pondering marriage, being an artist, and the mysteries of God’s divine will.


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