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An Unexpected Turn of Events

It’s a strange thing, to be cooped up in a hospital room when you’re not the patient.

My Work Was on TV… Sort Of

It’s always exciting to see one’s work mentioned on TV, in one way or another.
C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis: “The Deepest Likings and Impulses”

I’d much rather prefer to be huddled down among the things I know I’ll like because they honestly and truthfully speak to me.

The Morning Drone

Eventually, other train whistles called out as well, short little blasts that — to my still sleepy ears, at least — seemed to harmonize perfectly with the primary drone.

Sometimes It’s a Very Thin Line

Snark and sarcasm just don’t seem to do as much for me as they once did.
Blue Angels

2006 Lincoln Air Show


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